The Power of Intuition

“You can still be who you wish you is. It ain’t happen yet. And that’s what intuition is.”

Whew! Kanye hits a nerve with that line every time I hear it. If you don’t know, that quote is from the song “I Wonder” from Kanye’s album Graduation. Let’s read it again . . . slowly:

You can still be who you wish you is. It ain’t happen yet. And that’s what intuition is.”

Now I know I’m not the only one feeling this. Intuition is such a powerful thing. It’s really such a blessing … but we HAVE to listen to it. It is imperative. My goodness. It had to be about a month ago, I was doing my daily run before I got ready for my job (and when I say job, I mean temporary job that I go to in order to invest into my dreams which is soon to be my real job lol) I felt so much anxiety. My heart was heavy, my throat got a little closed up and I just was feeling like this is not enough. And I realized this is the same feeling I always get when it gets close to work time. And that’s when I realized in the middle of running that my intuition was making feel this way. My body was signaling me, basically saying ‘hey this is not right’ you need to be somewhere else. I immediately text my brother

“I feel like the anxiety I have before work is a way of my body, self, God telling me I’m meant for more.”

And now I’m working as hard as ever to become “who I wish I is”.

And if you read my last post about being “Recently Single & Dating Again” you know I just got out of a 6 year relationship with my first love. And when I say, it was only my intuition that drove me to the break up, it was just that. It’s that feeling when you know “something’s just not right.” And boy I tried so hard to fight the feeling and justify the reasons why I should stay. But to be honest my intuition wouldn’t let me. I was always stressed out and my heart was so heavy.

So you see. These are the signs. You know them. They’re there. And you may, (like I did), try to fight it but you have to listen to it or else you risk just settling. Always feeling somewhere deep inside that you deserve better. That you deserve more. And reality is, if you’re feeling this way, you do.

But the cool thing about intuition is that it makes you feel good too! When you are living in your purpose you start to feel excited about life. It’s a rush. Just think about it, when you are doing something you love you feel like you’re on a high. For me, writing this post I feel so in love, so excited, like I’m ready to burst because this is part of my purpose. When you connect with the right person, you’re going to be like ‘yes, this is how it’s supposed to be.’

I’ll leave you with this. God wants you to live life and live it more abundantly. So all of this settling, mediocre stuff is for the birds. We are beautifully and wonderfully made and we are meant to live a beautiful life.

So follow your instinct and let it lead you to that “who you wish you is.”

Peace & Love Royalty


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InspireFire & Redefining Beauty Takes on Los Angeles!

We have this slogan called “Adventures of Lifetime” for every trip we take. The first “adventures of a lifetime” started in San Marcos where our girl Deborah (Creator of Redefining Beauty) lives. But this past May we took it a step further and went out of the state to Los Angeles and it was phenomenal! Here’s a recap.

Here are some tips to a successful vacation with friends.

Go with the right people. We all have friends, but that doesn’t mean we have to travel with all of them. Luckily the ladies of InspireFire and Redefining Beauty are besties and awesome travel partners. We just fit. We love the same things:  working out, nature, shopping and healthy food. You should go with someone with similar interest and plan activities related to it.

Location is key. Pick a location where stuff is (for a lack of better words) popping! We got an Airbnb smack dab in the middle of WeHo (that’s west hollywood). We were walking distance from shops on Melrose and cute restaurants. Oh, and there was a Whole Foods literally down the street! A dream!!!

Plan ahead. When there’s four people you need to have a plan of action to make sure you’re never sitting around asking what’s next. That’s why we made an itinerary breaking down each day, down to the restaurants. And no, we didn’t stick to the itinerary completely, but we were never bored. So start doing your research and plan your trip out. You won’t regret it.

Know the infrastructure of the city you’re visiting. When planning this trip we asked for a lot of advice. We got the warning signs about the traffic in LA so that’s why we picked a walkable location. But we still knew there were places we could only go in a car (due to lack of sufficient public transportation), so we rented one. Know the city infrastructure so you know your needs.

Go with the flow. Sometimes things just go wrong or don’t go as planned. But all you can really do is go with the flow. Don’t get stressed out about things you can’t control. For goodness sakes, you’re on vacation. Relax and really enjoy the people you are with.

Have fun! Go crazy and live it up. You deserve it.

Check out our LA activity list! 

LA Activities

Wanna know where we ate? We got you. Best Health Conscious Restaurants in LA you just HAVE to go to!

Peace & Love Royalty,


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Recently Single & Dating Again: Must Have Dating Guidelines

Recently single and dating again.

I’m 24 and just ended a 6 year relationship with my first love. The why to the breakup is another story.

So now I’m on the dating scene and it’s weird. It’s kind of new territory for me. To be honest, I’m scared. But if I learned anything from my previous relationship it’s that I know what I want in a man and I know HOW I want to be treated by a man. And I think when you’re dating, these are two essential things you need to know.

Here are some rules & guidelines I’m setting for myself in this process called dating.

Be Yourself: Look, I know I’m weird, goofy and a tad bit out there and the person I’m dating should know that. If you’re being someone other than yourself, how is this person supposed to fall in love with the authentic you. If someone doesn’t like the real you, then they are not for you. And it’s okay. On to the next.

Don’t Settle: You heard the saying “If it doesn’t feel like 90s R&B I don’t want it.” Personally my life is too amazing (or is in the process of becoming amazing) to be in a mediocre relationship. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but I do believe my soulmate is out there manifesting me up. Come get me…. I’m here…. Waiting.

Take Risk & Have Fun: Don’t take everything so seriously. I know you want husband, but it may take a few frogs to get to your prince charming. But in the process have fun! Enjoy every person you meet and learn something from them. But don’t get caught up. You know what’s best for you.

Don’t Worry: I know it gets hard when you see half of your high school class getting married and having kids on social media but calm your behind downnnn. You’re not going to be alone forever. Someone is going to love you just the way you want to be loved. Just be patient.

Get Out: Put yourself out there. Ain’t nobody gon find you at your house. Join a gym, go to the coffee shop, go to networking events, go to church.

Love Yourself: Love yourself so fiercely. Get to know yourself and be at peace with being with yourself. This is a time to soul search and blossom. When you love you, you will only do what’s best for you. Which means you will only choose who’s best for you.

And again I must reiterate. You have to know what you want in a mate and how you want your mate to treat you. Write it down. And whatever you do, don’t settle. You don’t deserve that. But be open, you never know who God has in store for you. 

Peace Love Kings & Queens,


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THINK Before You Speak: How Your Words Affect Others

Think Before You Speak

Research shows it takes 10 positive comments to offset just one.

“Did you get dressed in the dark today?”

“At your age I was taking care of myself.”

“I can’t believe you’re not going back to school.”

“Ashley already has a job waiting for her in her field.”

Have ever heard comments like this? How did they make you feel? Now think. What are you saying to others that may be affecting them? Is it uplifting or is it subconsciously tearing them down?

We all are already hard enough on ourselves and those extra little comments can easily send someone down a negative spiral.

When some says “You look so pretty today,” you start to feel pretty and then you start to exude confidence.

Really THINK before you speak. Is what you’re saying . . .

True: Is it true or is it a reflection of your own perception?

Helpful: Is it beneficial, valuable, informative or useful?

Inspiring: Is it uplifting the person to be the best version of themselves.

Necessary: Is it really that important? Is it the right time to state your thoughts?

Kind: Are you being considerate of their emotions? Is your comment coming from a good place?

Just be mindful about the remarks you make. Many times we are so quick to make little comments without thinking, that may take a major toll on someone’s insecurities.

Peace Kings & Queens


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What “AM I” doing with my life?! The power of I AM

We have so many thoughts a day, and for many people a multitude of those thoughts are negative. How many times have you heard someone say “I AM broke”, “I AM  just trying to make it” or “I AM tired?

Do you understand what’s being done when saying this phrase? Evaluate the outcome of the people that are using those phrases and see how it’s reflecting in their lives.

Let’s be honest, when is the last time you’ve heard Oprah, Lebron James, Napoleon Hill, or Thomas Edison said that their anything less than the best? Come on now, Beyonce has yet to say that “she does NOT slay!”

“Let the weak say “I AM” strong”

Joel 3:10

When people are saying those negative phrases they are unknowingly programming these things into their lives. Though one may not believe the things they are affirming, it is essential to practice using I AM the correct way. Once upon a time we didn’t know how to tie our shoes, ride a bike, or simply how to write our ABC’s, but with practice we can now do these things with ease.


Let’s get the the basics!

Step One: Get a journal, chalkboard/poster board or simply anything you can write your affirmations on where you can easily view them.  

Step Two: Consistently say your affirmations. Start by looking yourself in the mirror and saying them to yourself.

Step Three: Put the icing on the cake by feeling that you are already there. Use your 5 senses to exist in the state that you are manifesting. If you want to vacation more, literally see yourself walking on the beach feeling the gritty warm sand kissed by the sun slipping in between your toes, taste that succulent juicy pineapple chunks on the tip of your tongue, hear the waves crashing into each other and smell nature’s sweet salt water gently tingling your nose.


Here are some of our favorite affirmations:

I AM feeling GREAT right now!!!

I AM awesome!

I AM a joy to be around.

I AM overly financially comfortable.

I AM intelligent.

I AM attractive.

I AM peace.

I AM love.

The first time God ever addressed himself in the Bible was when he used the words I AM. So think about it, every time you use the words I AM it’s like putting God’s blessing on it. Whatever you put after the words I AM is a form of prayer.

He gives us power and authority. Don’t waste that power.


Peace Kings & Queens,



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If You’re Gonna Snack, Snack Healthy! Here’s How.

Did you know there are different kinds of snackers? Are you the one that opens up a bag of Cheez Itz just to get a couple, and the next you know you look down a few bites later to see that you’re on your last cracker? Or are you the one that has to grab a bag of chips two hours before dinner? Rather you picked the first scenario or the last, here are some smart ways to make sure you are taking the healthy



There are 5 different types of snackers: The Bridge Snacker, The Meal Replacement Snacker, The Energy Boost Snacker, The Comfort Snacker and The Social Snacker.

We are going to break down each of these and provide healthy alternatives that can go along with them. Let’s get started!!!

Bridge Snack – You want to eat something that holds you over to your next meal, but doesn’t count as a full meal.

  • “Tide Me Over”
  • Between lunch and dinner

What NOT to do– Choose a small snack with no nutritional value and high in calories.

What to do  Choose a snack that’s well-balanced with a mix of wholesome carbohydrates, satisfying protein, and a little fat, but not too high in calories.

Example: Nuts & dried fruit, Greek Yogurt w/ granola and fruit, vegetables w/ hummus, Apple w/ nut butter.


Meal Replacement – A snack that is a substitute for a traditional meal.

  • Replaces Breakfast/Lunch
  • Filling enough to replace entire meal

What NOT to do– Meal replacements high in sugar and refined carbohydrates because the body will burn the energy quickly leaving you feeling hungry quickly.

What to do The meal replacement should contain more than 300 calories and have protein, some fat, carbohydrates and micronutrients.

Example: Soups, Shakes, Smoothie bowls


Energy Boost – A snack that fuels you when you are feeling sluggish and fatigued.

  • Before/After Workout or Activity
  • Provides energy

What NOT to do– Go for foods/drinks that are extremely high in sugar like frappuccinos, energy drinks, candy bars etc.

What to doGo for foods that are nutrient rich, low in sugar and saturated fat. Power up with foods that contain natural energy boosters like maca root, vitamin B3, ginseng root and carnitine.

Examples: Apple or banana w/ nut butter, chia seed pudding, Hard-boiled egg, honey, green tea, Greek yogurt parfait.


Comfort Snack- A snack that fulfills a specific taste, texture or emotion.

  • Satisfy Cravings
  • Late Afternoon/Evening

What NOT to do– Eat a whole batch of brownies or a whole box of pizza (which I’ve done).

What to do Making a healthy alternative to your favorite dessert or soul food.

Example: Healthy Cookies, Healthy Brownies, Banana Nicecream, Spaghetti Zucchini Macaroni, Cauliflower Pizza.


Social Snack- A snack that you is served at a small or large social event.

  • “Let’s Have Fun”
  • Occasion Drive

What NOT to do– Eat if you’re not hungry just because it’s there.

What to do Be mindful of what you’re eating and focus on portion control.

Example: Measure out how much you are eating and drinking.


Now if you’re gonna snack, be sure to snack healthy. Peace Kings & Queens.


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InspireFire Book Club: Think and Grow Rich

Book Club: Think & Grow Rich

This month we are delving into what the greats call “The Godfather of All Motivational Literature”,  the book Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  Hill spent over 20 years researching the accomplishments and attributes of 500 of the most successful people of his time. There he found the secrets to success and luckily he put it in a book for generations to read. A powerful book that provides the 13 keys to success:

Desire, Faith, Autosuggestion, Specialized Knowledge, Imagination, Organized Planning, Decision Making, Persistents, The Subconscious Mind, Brain, The Sixth Sense.

Join us this month as we read, reflect and analyze this timeless classic as we push forward to become our own special version of success.

Join InspireFire Book Club and if you would like to support us, you can get the book here.


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Alchemy April – 30 Days to Live the Life You WANT!

Jump start your life! 30 Days to the life you want. How you can HAVE, BE & DO ANYTHING YOU WANT!

April IF Calender

It’s Alchemy April! Make sure to follow this guide and focus on the daily task! 30 Days to greatness! Here we go!

“The more you use the power WITHIN you, the more power you will draw THROUGH you!”

Ask, Believe, Receive: The creative process of how to get what you desire. Your wish is your command.

The Power of Gratefulness: Be grateful for what you have NOW and  you will get an AMPLIFIED multitude of blessings. When you’re thankful, life will give you more moments to be thankful for.

 “Whatever we think about & thank about, we bring about.” 

The Power of Visualization: The mind can not decipher between reality and imagination. By literally visualizing a detailed description of what it is that you want you are attracting those circumstances into your life at a higher frequency.

The Power of Pen & Paper: Writing down your dreams/goals/plan is the highest form of imprinting those very things into your subconscious mind. Thus, making it easier to put forth actions to manifest your desires.

The Power of Thoughts: You become what you think about most of the time. So choose your thoughts wisely. Where you are NOW is the product of your past thoughts. What are you thinking now that is cultivating an amazing YOU!

The Power of Energy: Everything is energy and YOU ARE AN ENERGY MAGNET! Wherever you put energy is what will flourish.

The Power of Actions: Your actions must align with your goals. Are you taking actions that are contributing to your dreams?

The Power of the Tongue: The Bible says the power of life & death is in the the tongue. So you must ONLY speak good things into your life. Because what you say is nurturing a seed that can become reality.

The Power of Feeling: Feeling is the most powerful frequency into your life. Regardless of what you think, write or say, the feeling that you are emitting is the same feeling you are more likely to receive.

The Power of Giving & Receiving: Give and it will come back to you.  Are you giving , time, peace, love, happiness and money? Whatever you put out comes back to you. We must also be open to receiving. Often times when we are offered something we truly want, we turn it down out of “etiquette”, but in actuality we are blocking our blessings. The very blessing that you already gave out. I am receiving (fill in your desire) now!!!

The Power of LOVE: In everything you do, do it with LOVE. “The greater the love you feel and emit, the greater the power you are harnessing.”

“Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it’s possible
for you. And then close your eyes and every day for several minutes, and visualize having what
you already want, feeling the feelings of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what
you’re grateful for already, and really enjoy it. Then go into your day and release it to the
Universe and trust that the Universe will figure out how to manifest it.”


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InspireFire Book Club: The Secret

Hello Royal Ones,

InspireFire has started a personal development book club. . . This club is built to build you. This is a place for growth, understanding and enlightenment. The books we choose to read month to month will help you be the best you can possibly be. We’re here to grow lasting friendships as we help each other fulfill our destinies.

The first book up is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

The Secret is a book that breaks down the “Law of Attraction” and teaches us exactly how to use it. It’s essentially a tool  that helps you create the life you truly want. An extraordinary life. The life you deserve and the life you CAN live. So get ready. What is it that YOU truly want to do? What do you truly want to be?

Really ponder on this life when reading The Secret.

As we read along, we will be having checkins for open discussion, q&a and of course sharing those oh-so-wonderful aha moments. And when it’s time for the book to come to an end there will be a powerful dialogue about what we’ve all learned and what we can implement in our everyday lives. Ultimately pushing our lives to the next level.

Get the book and join the movement on our Facebook Page InspireFire Book Club.

If you buy The Secret from our link, we will receive a portion of the proceeds, which will go to building the InspireFire Movement.

Can’t wait to vibe with you all!

Peace & Love



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6 Ways to Be More Productive

Life is full of excitement, along with plenty of test, challenges and opportunities.  Many of the decisions you make and the actions you take, or the lack thereof, will have a major impact on your future. Practicing the following tips and tools will improve your performance and productivity.

  1. Create a positive environment. Any living organism requires favorable environment in order to grow. Be diligent about what you want to grow in your life. Choose your friends wisely and be careful who you listen to, who you connect with and what you watch.
  2. Eat a well balanced diet, exercise and get enough sleep. The mind and body are connected. If you want to feel your best mentally, take good care of your body.
  3. Prioritize and balance your responsibilities, manage your time and get organized. Stop wasting time! “If you’re not working on important things, you’re wasting time.” (Dean Kamen) Remember time lost cannot be regained. Establish a routine and utilize a to-do-list or calendar to plan out your day and week. Be sure you set aside time for activities that help you relax and de-stress.
  4. Find the ideal place to get work done. A change in scenery will minimize distractions.
  5. Don’t procrastinate and work hard. I know it’s easier said than done but give yourself deadlines, set goals for yourself and then make sure you work as hard as you can to achieve them.
  6. Take advantage of all that life has to offer.   This year I challenge you to take a chance. I encourage everyone to experience something new, something different, something more. Read a book, work on your hobby, perfect a skill and get to know the people around you.
  7. Stop doubting and comparing yourself to others. “It is not about the race to the end, but instead what you learn [and accomplish] each step in the journey.”(Martha O’Connell) God wants you to live an abundant, prosperous life. He wants you to fulfill your God-given purpose and to walk out the dreams He’s placed in your heart. So have fun and learn as much as you can. It is going to be a bumpy ride. Still, I promise you, the journey is rewarding and definitely worth it. Despite the challenges, persevere and never give up!

Peace King & Queens.

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