Go For The Glow 14 Challenge | Skincare

On Soul Filling Podcast we sat down with Onyi, the owner of MiriEffect to talk about skincare. You know, getting that natural glow! She breaks EVERYTHING down and even shared her 14 Day #GoForTheGlow Challenge. We’re doing it. Are you? Here’s the breakdown.

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A Dose of Inspiration w/ Ericka Taylor

www.ErickaWarnita.com @ErickaWarnita

Meet Ericka Taylor, a lifestyle/fashion blogger, model, and women’s empowerment speaker. Something like a “Juliet” of all trades.

Shortly after starting her career in healthcare, she created a personal lifestyle and fashion blog called Her Nature that encourages young ladies to embrace themselves through wisdom, self-love, faith and fashion. With all that’s going on her life we had to connect to see what keeps her going.

What inspires your fire (what inspires you?)

If I were to look back at Ericka 3 or 4 years ago, would you believe me if I told you that I was so lost to the point of internal death? I was at the pit of my life. To think that another young woman or girl might be going through the same, if not, similar struggle that I went through is defining for me.

What inspires me is my personal experiences and my faith. I want to show that young girl down the street from me that she has a choice. A choice to live the life that she wants to live even in the unpredictability. We cannot control everything but we can control how and when we react to a certain circumstance in our life. We have the power to choose the probability of an outcome.

What piece of advice would you give your 21 year old self?

Wow! I have never given this much thought EVER in my life. And that is probably because I spent most of my years after that time (until recently) running from that time instead of facing it. Lol. So, thank you Inspire Fire for the challenge.

I would have to say to my 21 year old self,

“It is okay to be alone. It really is. You can feel alone but know that you are never lonely. It can be so easy to get distracted in your feeling of loneliness looking for something or someone to compensate for the lonely moments. Don’t lose focus on what you have going on. Never squander yourself by going down pathways that everyone is walking. You were meant to walk alone.”

What is your go to affirmation?

The daily affirmation that is written on the long, gold-lined floor mirror states:

It is your option to choose who you will be today. You have the option to choose.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Well, there has been many changes in my life just within the last two months that has forced me to actively change my year to year plan, as we speak. However, if I were to give you a rough draft of where I see myself in 5 years, I would tell you that I see myself at the peak and plateau before another rise of building my personal brand. I will be traveling the world modeling for different designers, and speaking at different empowerment events globally. By that time, I will be a published Best-selling author and freelance writer nationally.

Why do you do what you do?

I think that this question goes back to the question that asked me what inspired me. I do all of the things that I do so that young girls and ladies know that they are not alone in their everyday struggles. I want to show women to embrace their true self; their unique self.

What’s one health habit that keeps you going and why?

Every morning and every night I read Psalms 27 from my bible. Then, I get up and go to my prayer wall and say a little prayer for those things that are on my heart for the day. I believe that being spiritually sound is the foundation that keeps me stable in everything that I do.



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October 2017 – Healthy Vegan Challenge

Hello Royal Ones. We are starting a HEALTHY VEGAN CHALLENGE starting October 1st.

What: A vegan is a person that is solely on a plant based diet. This  person does NOT consume ANY animal products including, eggs, dairy products & honey.


  1. For the animals – Over 56 billion & a trillion of marine animals farmed animals are killed every year by humans are us
  2. For your health – A plant based diet may reduce your risk for obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
  3. For the environment – A vegan lifestyle can lower your carbon footprint.
  4. For the people – A plant based diet requires only one third of the land needed to support a meat and dairy diet.

Here’s a few tips to help you along your 31 day journey.

  • Consume whole foods. There are many processed foods that are vegan. Shopping for fresh & frozen produce are the best way to make sure you are being a HEALTHY vegan
  • Read the food label. There can be hidden animal products in some foods you may think are plant based. Read the label and make sure the product is 100% vegan. Watch out for ingredients like lard, gelatin, chicken broth, etc.
  • Find alternatives. You don’t have to deprive yourself from your favorite foods. You can find substitutes to replace animal products that maybe needed to make some meals. For example, you can swap eggs for applesauce, milk for almond milk, butter for olive oil and so forth.

Check out our holistic vegan grocery list as a guide for these next 31 days.


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Stick to the Plan

Just as I was about to fall asleep. Pushing all of my dreams and desires to the side with the lie of “oh, I’ll just do that in the morning” … a lie I tell myself quite often, but luckily tonight was different. I got a shift of energy out of no where and found myself writing this. Stick to the plan.

Writing this while I’m waiting for our podcast Soul Filling to download, but that’s besides the point.

For you guys that don’t know I (Tiffany, 1/3 of InspireFire) started a new job about a couple months back, and to God be all of the glory, I love it. The people, the mission, the geniuneness. It’s all around a great job, and I am grateful. But sometimes when something good comes into your life, you start to get complacent. And sometimes you forget where you are going or your plans begin to change.

And though it’s OK for things to change if it’s God’s will… a lot of times we allow our plan to change to fit someone else’s plan, and that’s not cool.

I’m a true beliver in … if God puts something in your heart, it’s not for no reason. You have to act on it. But me, I was getting complacent. But I’m deciding, this moment to stick to the plan. You see, since starting this job some things have fallen to the waist side. I haven’t posted on YouTube since I’ve started, podcast could be more consistent & marketing plans should be implemented. All I’m saying is don’t forget why you started, because it is possible to make your dreams come true. Pray, refocus and get to work.


And like a famous meme quote says, “Don’t you dare work 8hrs a day to build someone else dreams and then come home to do nothing to build yours.” Ok now, go. Be great.

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A Dose of Inspiration w/ Michelle Lenae

Meet Michelle Lenae, Founder & Host of Christ over Culture Podcast. She was definitely put on this earth to inspire. Christ over Culture is a podcast for Christian millennials who wish to seek or renew their relationship with Christ. New episodes air every 2nd and 4th Wednesday on iTunes, GooglePlay and Stitcher. It features inspirational conversations with everyday millennials who share their life stories, lessons learned and ways to keep Christ first in our lives, in today’s society. It’s a must listen! Our favorite is the 3 part series with Brie Daniels.

Here is what Michelle had to say:

What inspires your fire (what inspires you)?
God, my family, my community, and my friends; that’s what inspires my fire! I love all of them! They encourage me, challenge me, and inspire me to give back.

What piece of advice would you give your 16 year old self?
Take a deep breath boo, slow down, but keep the same spunk that you have as a teenager in your later years. You’ll need that. You’ll need that to constantly believe that you are a fearless woman, even when (it seems like) you have everything to fear, and you’ll need that to believe that the world is your oyster, because the world is undoubtedly yours. Never ever give up the spunk. Dream big dreams my love and then pursue them with reckless abandon. You are the co-creator of your dreams…paint your dream life with God.

On boys…because let’s face it, it was the vein of our existence in high school. Nobody said it better than Cristina Yang herself, Grey’s Anatomy “Don’t [ever] let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.”

What’s one healthy habit that keeps you going and why?
I run and pray together. Running clears my mind and prayer keeps me balanced. The combo is a win-win. I can stay fine all year long and spend time with God. I love running outside because I’m reminded of God’s nature and creation, it’s a beautiful thing.


You can follow Christ over Culture on Instagram, Facebook and also check out her lastest episode on Soundcloud, iTunes, or Stitcher.

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A Dose of Inspiration w/ Taylor Hayden

Meet Taylor The Traveler and creator behind the blog Taylor Takes a Trip. She describes herself as a twenty-something year Houston native with an obsession for travel, having fun, & creating new life experiences.

Taylor inspires our fire because she didn’t wait for opportunity, she created it. Her travel and lifestyle blog will inspire you to own who you are, do what you love and of course travel the world.

Here is what Taylor had to say:

What inspires your fire?

Surrounding myself with like-minded women, peers and/or elders, is one sure way to add fuel to my fire! It’s an exhilarating feeling to see various women not only sustain an accomplished career, but living in their purpose. That’s the true definition of being successful, in my opinion.

What piece of advice would you give to your 16 yr old self?

Haha, there’s a list of things I would like to tell my 16 year old self. If I had to choose one, I would say “Nothing is is as scary as it may seem.” I use to be so afraid to do certain things, and I would allow fear to dictate my decisions, which did nothing but hold me back from potential blessings. As I grew older, I knew the type of life I wanted to live and the person I wanted to become and remaining a “scary person” wasn’t going to help me to get where I wanted to be. When I started overcoming little fears, I would always think to myself, “why was I even afraid of doing that in the first place?!”

What’s one healthy habit that keeps you going? 

Praying on a daily basis is my oldest healthy habit, but a new habit I’m working on growing more accustomed to is “becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.” I believe that in order to reach your maximum potential, enduring challenges and expanding your horizons is a must. It’s sure enough one the best ways to reveal hidden qualities that you probably never knew you had.


For more on Taylor, travel tips and inspiration be sure to check out her website.
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Healthy Morning Habits

Positive Affirmations

No more self doubt in the morning. As you are getting ready, affirm greatness into your life. Here are some positive affirmations to get you started:

I Am Abundant

I Am The Best Version Of Myself

I Am Filled With Joy

I Am Love

And it’s OK if you don’t fully believe these things YET. By simply saying these affirmations you are calling them into your life. Speak it into existence.

Consume Positivity

Listening to positive things in the morning will calm your soul and get you ready to conquer the day. Rather you’re listening to a sermon, jamming some uplifting music or  listening to some meditative waves, make sure you are listening to something that makes you feel GOOD.

Healthy Breakfast

Leave the honey buns alone and indulge in a nutritious breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to get through a long day. Keeping you alert, focused and making healthy decisions all day long. Skipping breakfast leaves you tired, resulting in a lack luster mind.

There are so many healthy habits to pick up such as exercising, oil pulling, making a to do list etc. Pick the best habits to supplement your lifestyle.



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Is Eating Organic Overrated?

 Is Eating Organic Really Better for You?

Aren’t bananas just bananas and green peppers just green peppers? Not exactly! When it comes to produce there are two major differences; Conventional and Organic . I know some of you maybe thinking, back when I was growing up “a strawberry was a strawberry.” But did you know that in the 21st century the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have collaborated with botanist (an expert on the study of plants) and commercial farmers to create these two major differences in our produce.

So the question is . . . What’s the difference? And most importantly, what’s the big deal?


Let’s get deep!

Today, conventional produce is the most commonly known consumed produce in America. These days conventional produce has become the new normal, as it is cheaper and readily available. Have you ever been inside of your local grocery store or farmers market and just wondered, why there is such a drastic difference in the pricing of conventional produce in comparison to organic produce?


Just think.

What are we even consuming fruits and veggies for? The truth is, each fruit and vegetable is responsible for providing specific vitamins and minerals to nourish our bodies. These nutrients can eliminate harmful toxins from the body, resulting in increased body performance, metabolism, and all around well-being. However, not all of these nutrients are found in conventional produce. In fact, conventional produce is typically tainted by disease causing hormones, antibiotics, additives, preservatives, herbicides and pesticides. But that’s not even the half of it. Conventional produce can also be a genetically modified aka the infamous GMO’s. Basically a process that takes place in laboratory where genes from the DNA of one species (plant/animal) are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. (You may read certain food labels that says “NON GMO”, which indicates your food went through a NATURAL process, in order to arrive at your dining table). Google (yes your conventional fruits and vegetables can increase your risk of diseases…)  Crazy right?

The great thing is you have a better option. Most organic plant based foods are extremely high in antioxidants, which is a powerful component in creating a healthy immune system that eliminates CANCERous cells and may provide maximized healthy weight loss. And don’t forget to check out the frozen food section for organic options as well!


So where can you find Organic Produce?

Great news! Organic foods are becoming more popular than ever. Therefore they can be found in almost every grocery store, from Krogers to Whole Foods. Many more stores are developing that offer the highest quality of organically grown food products, making them affordable and extremely accessible. Trader Joe’s, Sprouts Farmers Market, Aldi and Whole Foods are some of our favorite places to shop!

Happy Healthy Living



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A Dose of Inspiration w/ Aysia Woods

Meet Aysia Woods, The Professional People Gatherer. Her expertise is connecting  people and  creating moments through unforgettable events.

Aysia inspires our fire because she took a leap a faith and decided to create the career she wanted instead of caving into the pressures of society. You can now find her gathering people through the Art of Journey meet ups or by cultivating beautiful experiences through event planning.

We caught up with her to pick her brain a bit!


What piece of advice would you tell your 16 year old self?
What’s one healthy habit that keeps you going?


Aysia is based in DC. If you’re ready to take your event to the next level or just feel like getting inspired check out her website AsyiaWoods.com.


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The Consistency Challenge

In order to be successful in anything you do you MUST be consistent. In fact, that may be the reason why you haven’t reached your goals yet. Yikes.

Just think about it like this…

  • Beyonce didn’t just drop one hit and become BEYONCE.
  • Serena didn’t just pick up the rack occasionally to become the greatest tennis player in the world.
  • You can’t get your dream body from just working out and eating healthy every once in a while.

Are you getting it now?

And I know, I know. It’s hard to be consistent when you’re doing it on your own. For a lot of us we consistently go work because we HAVE to. Which means we’re capable of being consistent in other areas too!

So think about something right now. One thing you want more than anything! A goal that you’ve been working towards for a minute but you just seem to keep falling off the wagon.

What is that one thing you can do everyday to help you get there?

Got it?! . . . . . Great!!! (Write your goal in the comments below)

Now, that’s you’ve got your goal, join the consistency challenge and keeping doing that one thing  you need to reach your goal for 31 days! That’s right for the ENTIRE month of MAY!

We want you to win sooo bad!


Here are some tips on how to be consistent!

Keep your eye on your WHY?

Think about it like this. It’s way easier to save money when you have something you’re saving for like a house or car.

Find that something that keeps you going. What are you doing it for? Freedom, kids, spouse, happiness…? Remind yourself of this.

What’s the priority?

Raise of hands. How many of us has a longgg list of goals? . . . Ahem. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but at the end of the day what is most important? What is priority. You need to figure this out to know what always comes first. This way you never have to get flabbergasted trying to figure out what goal you should tackle when things get to be ‘too much”. It will always be your priority.

Keep going. Fast.

We’re human, but we’re magical. You may get off track every once in a while BUT you must get right back on fast! Or else you’ll find yourself having to start over.

Know your triggers.

Sometimes you just feel out of it and you need that extra push, that extra sauce. For many people that push may be music, prayer, a motivational video. Whatever that thing is. Use it. Refresh and get back to work. Your dreams are ready to become reality.

Ignore your feelings.

There are gonna be days when you just don’t feel like it. But nobody cares so you HAVE too! Ignore those feelings and keep push. You got this.

Are yall ready!? We start the Consistency Challenge on May 1st, but feel free to get a head start right now! Be sure to sign up for our newsletter (check the sidebar) and follow us on social to stay up to date!

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We talk consistency in our latest podcast.

Peace and love Royal Ones

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