#1 Dating Rule Every Girl Needs to Know

Dating 101

Rule #1: Do Not Care What He Thinks About You

OK. I know what you’re thinking. “How can I NOT care what he thinks. I like him!”

I know, I know. I’m right there with you. But all I’m saying is don’t take things so seriously. We’ve all done it. Stared at our phones for 5 minutes straight trying to come up with something clever to say to his  7 word text. Constantly hitting the back button, because you’re scared that what you’re saying may come off a little weird or maybe you don’t want to seem like you’re coming off too strong. Been there done that. But the truth is, you’re doing too much. Just write down what you freaking feel and move on. Because at the end of the day, if he likes you, he likes you and if he doesn’t he’s obviously gay. LOL Just kidding, if he doesn’t, he doesn’t. Oh well, that’s life.

The faster you figure out which one it is, the better.

So stop stressing about this guy.  Do what you feel is right in your heart.

If I dare say it, if you feel like double texting him, double text him.

If you don’t feel like texting him because he’s not giving you the attention you deserve, don’t do it.

If you want to call him, call him.

If you want to hang out, ask him.

Now, stop. I know what you’re saying. “Well, isn’t he supposed to pursue me?” And the answer is ABSOLUTELY,  100% YES! But you also, have to tell a guy what you want. Follow that beautiful intuition of yours and don’t be scared to be you in any situation. Because that’s who you want him to fall in love with right? YOU.

“Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, and start being excited about what could go right.”

Disclaimer: I know this rule may be hard. It was really a note to myself. But it has stopped me from stressing out about every little thing I did regarding ‘him’. Now, I just do everything with a shrug of the shoulders. Just think about it like this. If he doesn’t like you for who you truly are, then you don’t want him anyways. He’s not the one. Don’t be scared to just go for it and do what you want. You just may end up falling in love. *Fingers crossed.


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The Be Yourself Challenge

Ever wonder what it’d be like to just completely be you? Just being your authentic self?

You know, not being hesitant to post that picture on Instagram or video on snapchat because you’re scared of what other people may think.

Like actually starting a conversation with someone because you simply want to. Or speaking up in that meeting because you have a great idea.

Or promoting your YouTube Channel, because you think it pretty damn awesome.

You know just doing what you want. Living in your truth.

Well, I think it’d be pretty dope. To just be yourself.


I want to see what happens when I do. So I’m taking on the Be Yourself Challenge, where you guessed it, you just be yourself for let’s say 30 days.

Here are the rules.

If you like something and you want to share it with the world, share it.

If you want to say something that you think would be great for the world to know, say it.

If you want to dance in the middle of the street on a rainy day, dance.

If you want to say hi to someone across the room, say hi.

If you want to wear that new shirt, even though you feel like it’s a little “out there,” wear it.

If you want to book that flight to Barcelona, Spain, book it.

If you want to sing  to the top of your lungs, dang it, sing.

If you want to change up your look, and try something new, change it.

If you want to look for another job, even if the pay maybe less, but it’s something you love, baby apply.

If you want to bake brownies and give them away to your neighbors, give it.

If you want to get your praise on, but aint nobody standing up in church, please get your praise on.

If your song comes on in the middle of you running your mile, and you feel the urge to dance, child dance.

If you want to compliment someone on their shoes, compliment,

If you want to kiss someone, (with their consent of course), kiss them!

If you want to smile at someone, smile.

If you want to laugh, laugh.

If you want to write, write.

If you want to draw, draw.


Basically if you want to do something, do it.

Just remember, whatever you do, do it with love and good intent.

At the end of the day, people are attracted to what’s real. And you are seriously doing yourself a diservice by not being you. Being you is what makes you so special. Unique. Great.

Can’t nobody do you, like you do you!


So who’s with me? Who’s taking on the challenge? Let us know what your first ‘you’ activity is going to be!

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Recently Single & Dating Again: Must Have Dating Guidelines

Recently single and dating again.

I’m 24 and just ended a 6 year relationship with my first love. The why to the breakup is another story.

So now I’m on the dating scene and it’s weird. It’s kind of new territory for me. To be honest, I’m scared. But if I learned anything from my previous relationship it’s that I know what I want in a man and I know HOW I want to be treated by a man. And I think when you’re dating, these are two essential things you need to know.

Here are some rules & guidelines I’m setting for myself in this process called dating.

Be Yourself: Look, I know I’m weird, goofy and a tad bit out there and the person I’m dating should know that. If you’re being someone other than yourself, how is this person supposed to fall in love with the authentic you. If someone doesn’t like the real you, then they are not for you. And it’s okay. On to the next.

Don’t Settle: You heard the saying “If it doesn’t feel like 90s R&B I don’t want it.” Personally my life is too amazing (or is in the process of becoming amazing) to be in a mediocre relationship. Maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but I do believe my soulmate is out there manifesting me up. Come get me…. I’m here…. Waiting.

Take Risk & Have Fun: Don’t take everything so seriously. I know you want husband, but it may take a few frogs to get to your prince charming. But in the process have fun! Enjoy every person you meet and learn something from them. But don’t get caught up. You know what’s best for you.

Don’t Worry: I know it gets hard when you see half of your high school class getting married and having kids on social media but calm your behind downnnn. You’re not going to be alone forever. Someone is going to love you just the way you want to be loved. Just be patient.

Get Out: Put yourself out there. Ain’t nobody gon find you at your house. Join a gym, go to the coffee shop, go to networking events, go to church.

Love Yourself: Love yourself so fiercely. Get to know yourself and be at peace with being with yourself. This is a time to soul search and blossom. When you love you, you will only do what’s best for you. Which means you will only choose who’s best for you.

And again I must reiterate. You have to know what you want in a mate and how you want your mate to treat you. Write it down. And whatever you do, don’t settle. You don’t deserve that. But be open, you never know who God has in store for you. 

Peace Love Kings & Queens,


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