Healthy Morning Habits

Positive Affirmations

No more self doubt in the morning. As you are getting ready, affirm greatness into your life. Here are some positive affirmations to get you started:

I Am Abundant

I Am The Best Version Of Myself

I Am Filled With Joy

I Am Love

And it’s OK if you don’t fully believe these things YET. By simply saying these affirmations you are calling them into your life. Speak it into existence.

Consume Positivity

Listening to positive things in the morning will calm your soul and get you ready to conquer the day. Rather you’re listening to a sermon, jamming some uplifting music or  listening to some meditative waves, make sure you are listening to something that makes you feel GOOD.

Healthy Breakfast

Leave the honey buns alone and indulge in a nutritious breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to get through a long day. Keeping you alert, focused and making healthy decisions all day long. Skipping breakfast leaves you tired, resulting in a lack luster mind.

There are so many healthy habits to pick up such as exercising, oil pulling, making a to do list etc. Pick the best habits to supplement your lifestyle.



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Is Eating Organic Overrated?

 Is Eating Organic Really Better for You?

Aren’t bananas just bananas and green peppers just green peppers? Not exactly! When it comes to produce there are two major differences; Conventional and Organic . I know some of you maybe thinking, back when I was growing up “a strawberry was a strawberry.” But did you know that in the 21st century the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have collaborated with botanist (an expert on the study of plants) and commercial farmers to create these two major differences in our produce.

So the question is . . . What’s the difference? And most importantly, what’s the big deal?


Let’s get deep!

Today, conventional produce is the most commonly known consumed produce in America. These days conventional produce has become the new normal, as it is cheaper and readily available. Have you ever been inside of your local grocery store or farmers market and just wondered, why there is such a drastic difference in the pricing of conventional produce in comparison to organic produce?


Just think.

What are we even consuming fruits and veggies for? The truth is, each fruit and vegetable is responsible for providing specific vitamins and minerals to nourish our bodies. These nutrients can eliminate harmful toxins from the body, resulting in increased body performance, metabolism, and all around well-being. However, not all of these nutrients are found in conventional produce. In fact, conventional produce is typically tainted by disease causing hormones, antibiotics, additives, preservatives, herbicides and pesticides. But that’s not even the half of it. Conventional produce can also be a genetically modified aka the infamous GMO’s. Basically a process that takes place in laboratory where genes from the DNA of one species (plant/animal) are extracted and artificially forced into the genes of an unrelated plant or animal. The foreign genes may come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans. (You may read certain food labels that says “NON GMO”, which indicates your food went through a NATURAL process, in order to arrive at your dining table). Google (yes your conventional fruits and vegetables can increase your risk of diseases…)  Crazy right?

The great thing is you have a better option. Most organic plant based foods are extremely high in antioxidants, which is a powerful component in creating a healthy immune system that eliminates CANCERous cells and may provide maximized healthy weight loss. And don’t forget to check out the frozen food section for organic options as well!


So where can you find Organic Produce?

Great news! Organic foods are becoming more popular than ever. Therefore they can be found in almost every grocery store, from Krogers to Whole Foods. Many more stores are developing that offer the highest quality of organically grown food products, making them affordable and extremely accessible. Trader Joe’s, Sprouts Farmers Market, Aldi and Whole Foods are some of our favorite places to shop!

Happy Healthy Living



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How To Get Rid Of Self Imposed Limitations

Your only limited is you“You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get.” – Michael Phelps

There are no limits to human growth because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, wonder and imagination. So what keeps so many of us from doing what we long to do?

We get realistic about what we are capable of, and as a result, we create self imposed limitations, lies that we tell ourselves as to why we can’t do something.

Can you think of areas in your own life where you place restrictions on yourself?

Perhaps you’re unaware. (Check out Soul Filling Podcast Ep. 8 to find out what’s stopping you)

Below are two ways to live your life without limits.

Overcome the antagonist, yourself
Self-imposed limitations are connected to self image. The lower your self image, the lower the expectations you will have for yourself. You will continually underperform and talk yourself out of opportunities until you have confidence in yourself and believe that you will be successful.
Everything that is possible today was once seen as impossible. So remove words and thoughts of I can’t. It is slang for “I’m unwilling to put in the work required.” And don’t let your past or people’s assessment of you stop you from going after your dreams. Your mistakes don’t define you.

Overcome your fears
What you love, you empower. What you fear, you empower. And what you empower, you attract. What are you attracting in your life? Is it unemployment, debt, disease, depression, abandonment, abuse, wickedness, broken relationships, addictions, bad habits, temptations, failure, anger, crisis.

You have the power, authority, wisdom and knowledge to face your fears and defeat your enemies. So whatever it is, just know those things come to make you feel inadequate, like you don’t have what it takes and are essentially hindering blocks to shut you down. Fear’s only job is to prevent you from changing and everything you want in life is right on the other side of that fear.


Now I want to hear from you:

1. What are some ways you limit yourself?

2. What your doing differently in 2017 to overcome those limitations?

If you think this post will help someone please share the article.

Peace & Love.

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If You’re Gonna Snack, Snack Healthy! Here’s How.

Did you know there are different kinds of snackers? Are you the one that opens up a bag of Cheez Itz just to get a couple, and the next you know you look down a few bites later to see that you’re on your last cracker? Or are you the one that has to grab a bag of chips two hours before dinner? Rather you picked the first scenario or the last, here are some smart ways to make sure you are taking the healthy



There are 5 different types of snackers: The Bridge Snacker, The Meal Replacement Snacker, The Energy Boost Snacker, The Comfort Snacker and The Social Snacker.

We are going to break down each of these and provide healthy alternatives that can go along with them. Let’s get started!!!

Bridge Snack – You want to eat something that holds you over to your next meal, but doesn’t count as a full meal.

  • “Tide Me Over”
  • Between lunch and dinner

What NOT to do– Choose a small snack with no nutritional value and high in calories.

What to do  Choose a snack that’s well-balanced with a mix of wholesome carbohydrates, satisfying protein, and a little fat, but not too high in calories.

Example: Nuts & dried fruit, Greek Yogurt w/ granola and fruit, vegetables w/ hummus, Apple w/ nut butter.


Meal Replacement – A snack that is a substitute for a traditional meal.

  • Replaces Breakfast/Lunch
  • Filling enough to replace entire meal

What NOT to do– Meal replacements high in sugar and refined carbohydrates because the body will burn the energy quickly leaving you feeling hungry quickly.

What to do The meal replacement should contain more than 300 calories and have protein, some fat, carbohydrates and micronutrients.

Example: Soups, Shakes, Smoothie bowls


Energy Boost – A snack that fuels you when you are feeling sluggish and fatigued.

  • Before/After Workout or Activity
  • Provides energy

What NOT to do– Go for foods/drinks that are extremely high in sugar like frappuccinos, energy drinks, candy bars etc.

What to doGo for foods that are nutrient rich, low in sugar and saturated fat. Power up with foods that contain natural energy boosters like maca root, vitamin B3, ginseng root and carnitine.

Examples: Apple or banana w/ nut butter, chia seed pudding, Hard-boiled egg, honey, green tea, Greek yogurt parfait.


Comfort Snack- A snack that fulfills a specific taste, texture or emotion.

  • Satisfy Cravings
  • Late Afternoon/Evening

What NOT to do– Eat a whole batch of brownies or a whole box of pizza (which I’ve done).

What to do Making a healthy alternative to your favorite dessert or soul food.

Example: Healthy Cookies, Healthy Brownies, Banana Nicecream, Spaghetti Zucchini Macaroni, Cauliflower Pizza.


Social Snack- A snack that you is served at a small or large social event.

  • “Let’s Have Fun”
  • Occasion Drive

What NOT to do– Eat if you’re not hungry just because it’s there.

What to do Be mindful of what you’re eating and focus on portion control.

Example: Measure out how much you are eating and drinking.


Now if you’re gonna snack, be sure to snack healthy. Peace Kings & Queens.


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Strength and Cardio Circuit

Strength and cardio circuits combine the best of both worlds into one training session for a leaner body. It will get your heart rate up while strengthening your upper body, lower body, and core. This workout is perfect for the gym rat or the outdoor runner.

The workout: Begin with a 5 – 10 minute warm. Perform each circuit 4 times. You can modify according to your fitness level. Remember to sip water throughout the workout and spend 5 -10 minutes to cool down and stretch at the end.

Low Intensity 

  • Walk (3.0-3.5 mph)
  • Elliptical trainer (level 4-8)
  • Cycle (level 2-4)

Moderate Intensity

  • Walk (3.5-4.0 mph; 3-6 percent incline)
  • Jog (4.5-6.0 mph)
  • Climb up and down stairs at a moderate pace

High Intensity

  • Run/Sprint (6.5-10.0 mph; 1-3 percent incline)
  • Elliptical (level 8-15)
  • Jump rope (100-120 revolutions per minute)
Circuit 1: 4 Sets
Cardio Blast: Moderate – High Intensity for 1 minute

Lunge: 20 Each Leg.

Stand tall with feet hip width apart. Step the right leg back into a lunge position and return the leg to center. Alternating legs. For more intensity add a jump. The jump lunge helps increase explosive power in the lower body to improve stability and balance throughout the body.

Circuit 2: 4 Sets
Cardio Blast: Moderate – High Intensity for 1 minute

Push up: 20 – 30 reps

Start in a plank position. Keeping your back straight, lower your body to the floor until your chest almost touches the ground and raise your body up by pressing down on their hands.

Circuit 3: 4 Sets
Cardio Blast: Moderate – High Intensity for 1 minute

Squat: 30 – 40 reps

Stand tall with feet hip width apart. Lower the hips into a squat position, bringing the thighs as close to parallel with the floor as possible. Return to standing position and repeat. To increase intensity add a jump.

Circuit 3: 4 Sets
Cardio Blast: Moderate – High Intensity for 1 minute
Crunches: 25 reps

Lie face up on the floor with knees bent and lower back pressed to floorSit up for a two-count, pause and squeeze for another two seconds and then lower your shoulders back down for two seconds. Increase intensity by doing a knee-to-elbow crunch alternating sides.



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Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Though most people know that cookies aren’t particularly a healthy treat, most people don’t know what’s actually in the cookies they eat. Take these Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies for example, you know the ones you can take out the fridge, bake them for 30 minutes and then wallah, the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Well just take a look at their ingredients:

Tollhouse Cookies Insgrdients

You probably don’t know what half of these ingredients are. And some of them don’t even sound like food, I mean does “sodium aluminum phosphate” sound appealing to you? I didn’t think so.

Here’s a simple & healthy go-to cookie recipe that uses ingredients that you actually know.


1/2 cup oats

1/2 banana

1 tbsp peanut butter

add ins: cacao nibs (or vegan chocolate chips), pecans, almonds .. etc.


-Preheat oven to 350

-In a  bowl mash banana with potato masher until lumps are minimal.

-Then add in peanut butter and mix it into the banana until evenly distributed.

-Blend half of the oats into a blender to create an oat flour, and then pour it into the mix.

-Add in the other half of the whole (unblended oats).

-Add in topping and mix well.

-Oil hands and cookie sheet with coconut oil.

-Take a little over a tbsp of the mixture and mold it into a cookie shape and place it on the greased sheets.

-*Repeat until you run out.

-Bake cookies for 12 minutes.

-Let cookies cool for 2 minutes & eat.

These cookies are great with a cup of homemade almond milk.

With love, peace Kings & Queens. Stay nourished.

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Cherry Limeade Smoothie Recipe

Cherry Limeade Smoothie Recipe

Cherry Smoothie

Leading a healthy lifestyle DOES NOT mean you have to eat boring bland foods. No, absolutely not. Living a healthy lifestyle is all about eating foods that nourish your body. Now, I have to say, the smoothie you see in the picture above is undoubtedly the best smoothie I’ve ever made. No refined sugars, no syrup … just pure whole food deliciousness. Take notes friends.


3/4 Frozen Cherries

1/2 Banana

1/2 Mango

Handful of Strawberries

1/4 100% Coconut Water

1 Tbsp of Lime Juice

(the secret ingredient)


Blend above ingredients into blender until smooth. Then serve & eat.

Peace King & Queens. Stay healthy.

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