What “AM I” doing with my life?! The power of I AM

We have so many thoughts a day, and for many people a multitude of those thoughts are negative. How many times have you heard someone say “I AM broke”, “I AM  just trying to make it” or “I AM tired?

Do you understand what’s being done when saying this phrase? Evaluate the outcome of the people that are using those phrases and see how it’s reflecting in their lives.

Let’s be honest, when is the last time you’ve heard Oprah, Lebron James, Napoleon Hill, or Thomas Edison said that their anything less than the best? Come on now, Beyonce has yet to say that “she does NOT slay!”

“Let the weak say “I AM” strong”

Joel 3:10

When people are saying those negative phrases they are unknowingly programming these things into their lives. Though one may not believe the things they are affirming, it is essential to practice using I AM the correct way. Once upon a time we didn’t know how to tie our shoes, ride a bike, or simply how to write our ABC’s, but with practice we can now do these things with ease.


Let’s get the the basics!

Step One: Get a journal, chalkboard/poster board or simply anything you can write your affirmations on where you can easily view them.  

Step Two: Consistently say your affirmations. Start by looking yourself in the mirror and saying them to yourself.

Step Three: Put the icing on the cake by feeling that you are already there. Use your 5 senses to exist in the state that you are manifesting. If you want to vacation more, literally see yourself walking on the beach feeling the gritty warm sand kissed by the sun slipping in between your toes, taste that succulent juicy pineapple chunks on the tip of your tongue, hear the waves crashing into each other and smell nature’s sweet salt water gently tingling your nose.


Here are some of our favorite affirmations:

I AM feeling GREAT right now!!!

I AM awesome!

I AM a joy to be around.

I AM overly financially comfortable.

I AM intelligent.

I AM attractive.

I AM peace.

I AM love.

The first time God ever addressed himself in the Bible was when he used the words I AM. So think about it, every time you use the words I AM it’s like putting God’s blessing on it. Whatever you put after the words I AM is a form of prayer.

He gives us power and authority. Don’t waste that power.


Peace Kings & Queens,



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