The Power of Intuition

“You can still be who you wish you is. It ain’t happen yet. And that’s what intuition is.”

Whew! Kanye hits a nerve with that line every time I hear it. If you don’t know, that quote is from the song “I Wonder” from Kanye’s album Graduation. Let’s read it again . . . slowly:

You can still be who you wish you is. It ain’t happen yet. And that’s what intuition is.”

Now I know I’m not the only one feeling this. Intuition is such a powerful thing. It’s really such a blessing … but we HAVE to listen to it. It is imperative. My goodness. It had to be about a month ago, I was doing my daily run before I got ready for my job (and when I say job, I mean temporary job that I go to in order to invest into my dreams which is soon to be my real job lol) I felt so much anxiety. My heart was heavy, my throat got a little closed up and I just was feeling like this is not enough. And I realized this is the same feeling I always get when it gets close to work time. And that’s when I realized in the middle of running that my intuition was making feel this way. My body was signaling me, basically saying ‘hey this is not right’ you need to be somewhere else. I immediately text my brother

“I feel like the anxiety I have before work is a way of my body, self, God telling me I’m meant for more.”

And now I’m working as hard as ever to become “who I wish I is”.

And if you read my last post about being “Recently Single & Dating Again” you know I just got out of a 6 year relationship with my first love. And when I say, it was only my intuition that drove me to the break up, it was just that. It’s that feeling when you know “something’s just not right.” And boy I tried so hard to fight the feeling and justify the reasons why I should stay. But to be honest my intuition wouldn’t let me. I was always stressed out and my heart was so heavy.

So you see. These are the signs. You know them. They’re there. And you may, (like I did), try to fight it but you have to listen to it or else you risk just settling. Always feeling somewhere deep inside that you deserve better. That you deserve more. And reality is, if you’re feeling this way, you do.

But the cool thing about intuition is that it makes you feel good too! When you are living in your purpose you start to feel excited about life. It’s a rush. Just think about it, when you are doing something you love you feel like you’re on a high. For me, writing this post I feel so in love, so excited, like I’m ready to burst because this is part of my purpose. When you connect with the right person, you’re going to be like ‘yes, this is how it’s supposed to be.’

I’ll leave you with this. God wants you to live life and live it more abundantly. So all of this settling, mediocre stuff is for the birds. We are beautifully and wonderfully made and we are meant to live a beautiful life.

So follow your instinct and let it lead you to that “who you wish you is.”

Peace & Love Royalty


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