How Saying “I Will” is Secretly Sabatoging your Life

“Wealth is a feeling, it’s a state of mind”

Bob Proctor~

Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. Often times we are unhappy with the results of our current situation. Take a minute and reflect of on your day to day thoughts…. Are your thoughts channeled towards the things you DO want in life or are your thoughts channeled to the things you DON’T want in life? If your thoughts sound somewhat  like this…  

“I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be fat “I don’t want to bad skin acne” “I don’t want a cheating or abusive spouse” “I don’t want to be lonely” “I do not want to be angry” “I don’t want to work here anymore”

By functioning in that thought pattern, in actuality you are engaging the feeling of lack. Which causes you to manifest all of the things you “do not” want! Luckily your mind can not think two different thoughts at the same time. So when you find yourself thinking thoughts that  subtract value from your life, literally catch that thought in transcendental space, stop thinking it and then replace that negative thought with thoughts that add value to your life. Keep in mind this is not an overnight process. Many of our negative  subconscious thoughts have been programmed since youth. Therefore we must slowly replace negative thinking with a fresh positive outlook.

We must re-educate our minds to know that you have everything you need for complete peace and total happiness RIGHT NOW! The sooner we stop putting happiness into the future by saying… “I WILL” the sooner we will gain happiness in the present.. Instead say/think… “I AM” happy RIGHT NOW because I KNOW I’m getting that promotion. Do not say “I WILL” be happy when I lose 15 lb. Instead say… ‘I AM” looking great and feeling more slim than ever.

You should always speak the goal that you are in the process of achieving as if you’ve already achieve that goal. When you do this, the universe has no choice but to respond to what you are focusing on.

Learn more about the Power of I AM here.

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