Change is The Only Way

If you want things to change, you have to change the things you do.

It’s a simple concept right? But in reality, most of us just talk about losing weight or becoming a full time entrepreneur, but yet our actions do not correlate. We’re  doing the same exact things, going through the same exact motions and are doing the same exact routines. Yes, I’m speaking on behalf of myself too. It wasn’t until recently that this quote resonated with me. You see, I have this feeling that I am on the brink of my breakthrough. That soon, I will be able to make that leap into the life I truly want. But yet and still, I felt like there was just something in my way. Something I was just not getting. But now I know that something is me.

About a two weeks ago I gained 8 lbs and I was a officially the “fattest” I’ve ever been in my life. Once I saw that scale, I immediately started tracking my calories, working out hardcore and gulping down water like it was nothing. It took no time for me to get to my regular weight, but once that was accomplished I found myself going back to my old habit of overeating. I was feeling myself. Tummy a bit flatter, booty a bit plumper. I was like yessss, looking right now I can afford to eat this chocolate chip pancake. So after I ate that delicious pancake I realized wow, Tiffany, you are really about to throw all that hard work away. And that’s when it clicked, I had to switch gears and make a permanent change. If I want to reach my goal of having a certain body type I have to incorporate the habits that will get me there. You see my problem was  that I would “be good” for a little while and then fall back into old ways. Familiar ways. But you know where that gets you? Yup, you guessed it, stuck where you were two years ago.

Change is not easy, but it is necessary to get to your next level. Now weight is just one example, but when I look at my life I realized I have to incorporate this philosophy in my career. If I want to be a successful Youtuber, I have to consistently put out quality videos, I have to sacrifice “going out” to stay in and edit, I have to be more organized, more creative more discipline. Needless to say, I have a lot to change to make my dreams come true. Bottom line is, I have to make some life changes in order to live I want. There is just no way around it.

Now I want you to look at your life and really identify what your goals are. Then make a list of changes you will need to reach these goals. What sacrifuces you will need to make.What habits you’ll need to implement.Be serious about this, because if you’re not you’ll be looking back at this moment 5 years from now in the same place, living that same unfulfilling life. Wack!



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