If You’re Gonna Snack, Snack Healthy! Here’s How.

Did you know there are different kinds of snackers? Are you the one that opens up a bag of Cheez Itz just to get a couple, and the next you know you look down a few bites later to see that you’re on your last cracker? Or are you the one that has to grab a bag of chips two hours before dinner? Rather you picked the first scenario or the last, here are some smart ways to make sure you are taking the healthy route.love



There are 5 different types of snackers: The Bridge Snacker, The Meal Replacement Snacker, The Energy Boost Snacker, The Comfort Snacker and The Social Snacker.

We are going to break down each of these and provide healthy alternatives that can go along with them. Let’s get started!!!

Bridge Snack – You want to eat something that holds you over to your next meal, but doesn’t count as a full meal.

  • “Tide Me Over”
  • Between lunch and dinner

What NOT to do– Choose a small snack with no nutritional value and high in calories.

What to do  Choose a snack that’s well-balanced with a mix of wholesome carbohydrates, satisfying protein, and a little fat, but not too high in calories.

Example: Nuts & dried fruit, Greek Yogurt w/ granola and fruit, vegetables w/ hummus, Apple w/ nut butter.


Meal Replacement – A snack that is a substitute for a traditional meal.

  • Replaces Breakfast/Lunch
  • Filling enough to replace entire meal

What NOT to do– Meal replacements high in sugar and refined carbohydrates because the body will burn the energy quickly leaving you feeling hungry quickly.

What to do The meal replacement should contain more than 300 calories and have protein, some fat, carbohydrates and micronutrients.

Example: Soups, Shakes, Smoothie bowls


Energy Boost – A snack that fuels you when you are feeling sluggish and fatigued.

  • Before/After Workout or Activity
  • Provides energy

What NOT to do– Go for foods/drinks that are extremely high in sugar like frappuccinos, energy drinks, candy bars etc.

What to doGo for foods that are nutrient rich, low in sugar and saturated fat. Power up with foods that contain natural energy boosters like maca root, vitamin B3, ginseng root and carnitine.

Examples: Apple or banana w/ nut butter, chia seed pudding, Hard-boiled egg, honey, green tea, Greek yogurt parfait.


Comfort Snack- A snack that fulfills a specific taste, texture or emotion.

  • Satisfy Cravings
  • Late Afternoon/Evening

What NOT to do– Eat a whole batch of brownies or a whole box of pizza (which I’ve done).

What to do Making a healthy alternative to your favorite dessert or soul food.

Example: Healthy Cookies, Healthy Brownies, Banana Nicecream, Spaghetti Zucchini Macaroni, Cauliflower Pizza.


Social Snack- A snack that you is served at a small or large social event.

  • “Let’s Have Fun”
  • Occasion Drive

What NOT to do– Eat if you’re not hungry just because it’s there.

What to do Be mindful of what you’re eating and focus on portion control.

Example: Measure out how much you are eating and drinking.


Now if you’re gonna snack, be sure to snack healthy. Peace Kings & Queens.


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