About Us

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InspireFire is a healthy living initiative that goes by three principlesIF, IT, IS. inspires fire, inspire thought and inspire self. We have found that healthy living is the key that ignites these three principles. Giving us the access to live a healthy life not only physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally as well.

We spark that inner fire within individuals that they already have by uncovering the true definition of leading a healthy lifestyle.  love

Our Story

Three friends, three dreams combined into one, to change the WORLD. We’ve always been the different ones. But the thing is we didn’t quite know we were different. We’ve always just did what we wanted to do. THAT was normal.

But it wasn’t until we stepped into the “real world” that we realized that we were so confined. It was almost like we were living on society’s terms instead of our own. And living on someone else’s terms just didn’t feel right.

It initially started with our fitness journey.  We were pushing to get the that perfect beach body. However, along the way we discovered that health wasn’t merely physical appearance, but so much more than that.

Instead of obsessing  over numbers on a scale, we started focusing on how food could provide us with nutritional value. And that’s what made us examine EVERY aspect of our life: who we surround ourselves with, who and what we listen to, how we select our thoughts and how to make our dreams our reality.

And then birth InspireFire. . .

We shouldn’t have to get permission to live the life we want to live.


The Team

Meet Tiff.                    Meet JasmineMeet Jasmine Colbert