Stick to the Plan

Just as I was about to fall asleep. Pushing all of my dreams and desires to the side with the lie of “oh, I’ll just do that in the morning” … a lie I tell myself quite often, but luckily tonight was different. I got a shift of energy out of no where and found myself writing this. Stick to the plan.

Writing this while I’m waiting for our podcast Soul Filling to download, but that’s besides the point.

For you guys that don’t know I (Tiffany, 1/3 of InspireFire) started a new job about a couple months back, and to God be all of the glory, I love it. The people, the mission, the geniuneness. It’s all around a great job, and I am grateful. But sometimes when something good comes into your life, you start to get complacent. And sometimes you forget where you are going or your plans begin to change.

And though it’s OK for things to change if it’s God’s will… a lot of times we allow our plan to change to fit someone else’s plan, and that’s not cool.

I’m a true beliver in … if God puts something in your heart, it’s not for no reason. You have to act on it. But me, I was getting complacent. But I’m deciding, this moment to stick to the plan. You see, since starting this job some things have fallen to the waist side. I haven’t posted on YouTube since I’ve started, podcast could be more consistent & marketing plans should be implemented. All I’m saying is don’t forget why you started, because it is possible to make your dreams come true. Pray, refocus and get to work.


And like a famous meme quote says, “Don’t you dare work 8hrs a day to build someone else dreams and then come home to do nothing to build yours.” Ok now, go. Be great.

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