A Dose of Inspiration w/ Taylor Hayden

Meet Taylor The Traveler and creator behind the blog Taylor Takes a Trip. She describes herself as a twenty-something year Houston native with an obsession for travel, having fun, & creating new life experiences.

Taylor inspires our fire because¬†she didn’t wait for opportunity, she created it. Her travel and lifestyle blog will inspire you to own who you are, do what you love and of course travel the world.

Here is what Taylor had to say:

What inspires your fire?

Surrounding myself with like-minded women, peers and/or elders, is one sure way to add fuel to my fire! It’s an exhilarating feeling to see various women not only sustain an accomplished career, but living in their purpose. That’s the true definition of being successful, in my opinion.

What piece of advice would you give to your 16 yr old self?

Haha, there’s a list of things I would like to tell my 16 year old self. If I had to choose one, I would say “Nothing is is as scary as it may seem.” I use to be so afraid to do certain things, and I would allow fear to dictate my decisions, which did nothing but hold me back from potential blessings. As I grew older, I knew the type of life I wanted to live and the person I wanted to become and remaining a “scary person” wasn’t going to help me to get where I wanted to be. When I started overcoming little fears, I would always think to myself, “why was I even afraid of doing that in the first place?!”

What’s one healthy habit that keeps you going?¬†

Praying on a daily basis is my oldest healthy habit, but a new habit I’m working on growing more accustomed to is “becoming comfortable with being uncomfortable.” I believe that in order to reach your maximum potential, enduring challenges and expanding your horizons is a must. It’s sure enough one the best ways to reveal hidden qualities that you probably never knew you had.


For more on Taylor, travel tips and inspiration be sure to check out her website.
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