THINK Before You Speak: How Your Words Affect Others

Think Before You Speak

Research shows it takes 10 positive comments to offset just one.

“Did you get dressed in the dark today?”

“At your age I was taking care of myself.”

“I can’t believe you’re not going back to school.”

“Ashley already has a job waiting for her in her field.”

Have ever heard comments like this? How did they make you feel? Now think. What are you saying to others that may be affecting them? Is it uplifting or is it subconsciously tearing them down?

We all are already hard enough on ourselves and those extra little comments can easily send someone down a negative spiral.

When some says “You look so pretty today,” you start to feel pretty and then you start to exude confidence.

Really THINK before you speak. Is what you’re saying . . .

True: Is it true or is it a reflection of your own perception?

Helpful: Is it beneficial, valuable, informative or useful?

Inspiring: Is it uplifting the person to be the best version of themselves.

Necessary: Is it really that important? Is it the right time to state your thoughts?

Kind: Are you being considerate of their emotions? Is your comment coming from a good place?

Just be mindful about the remarks you make. Many times we are so quick to make little comments without thinking, that may take a major toll on someone’s insecurities.

Peace Kings & Queens


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